A member of the Electrolink Group

Some years ago, a number of Independent Electrical Wholesalers met in Sydney Australia, and established the basis for The Combined Electrical Wholesalers Group. At the outset, the prime objective of this group was to attract competitive pricing for its members and in turn pass on this benefit on to their customers. This beneficial purchasing would as a consequence allow these members to be competitive in the market place.

The group has grown in membership and turnover since its inception and we are now 87 stores strong in New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland. The ‘ELECTROLINK’ publication was introduced in November 1996 as an avenue to advise and inform current and potential customers of our members. The name ‘ELECTROLINK’ has now been adopted for our group and our individual members will be known as ‘ELECTROLINK’

ELECTROLINK’ Stores provide quality products from Suppliers who are reliable and well established in the electrical industry. (A list of our suppliers can be found on our Partners Page.) All the products needed for any job can be provided by all ‘ELECTROLINK’ Member stores. All stores provide all types of Lighting such as, desk lamps, light fittings, bulbs, lamp shades, indoor and outdoor lighting and security lights.

As well as electrical products including, cable, power points, wiring, leads, junction boxes and switches. ‘ELECTROLINK’ Stores also stock a number of tools and instruments required for getting the job done. ‘ELECTROLINK’ Stores also stock a range of data communications equipment, ranging from CAT 5 patch leads to testing equipment.

The ‘ELECTROLINK’ newsletter (right) outlines specially priced products, as well as industry news and promotions. The newsletter is a full colour glossy publication and inlcudes pictures and detailed descriptions of products. There are also tips, upcoming products and news about the industry. Our current Newsletter is the March / April 2013 issue. Our next issue is due in June 2013.