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Free Delivery when you spend over $250. More information >
Free Delivery when you spend over $250. More information >


Are your products Australian certified and meet electrical requirements and standards?

Yes. Our products that we distribute meet all relevant Australian Standards and carry a minimum 12 month warranty and were applicable have longer manufactures warranties.

Why Should I buy from Switched-On?

Switched On is 100% Locally owned and directly supports the area with live in. The money you spend stays in your community sponsoring your kids sporting teams or investing in community projects and fundraising that benefit everyone. Combine that with competitive pricing and great service there’s no reason not too. 

What does Switched-On do to minimise its Environmental Footprint?

Switched-On is a solid advocate for our Environment and a reseller and proponent of Renewable Energy. We employee recycling schemes on Smoke Alarms, Fluorescent tubes and batteries as well as reducing and recycling our paper and cardboard wastes. Switched-On incorporates Solar Energy to offset our Electricity consumption and are continually looking at ways to minimise our effect on resources and our environmental impacts.

Does Switched-On do Electrical Work?

No.  Switched-On are an Electrical Wholesaler and only sell products. There are many Electricians in our area that can complete your Electrical Needs and we have all their details in store on a notice board.

Can I ask technical questions or ask how to do Electrical work if I’m not an Electrician?

No. Switched-On insist that all Electrical Work be completed by a Licenced Electrician.

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